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La magia de la pronunciación
The magic and power of pronunciation

La magia de la pronunciación

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Foundation Course Description
How to join this class-click here

Foundation Course | Level 1 - 22 hours | In person at our school in Cabo San Lucas.
In this class you will learn the following:

  • How to use our pronunciation technique (blending, linking and merging) to effectively use words and phrases when you need them.
  • How to start and finish conversations with basic everyday expressions.
  • How to ask specific questions in a restaurant and how to accept or decline what you’re being offered.
  • How to build sentences on your own, using about 50 commonly used verbs.
  • How to ask for things around you and formulate questions.
  • How to express future actions in Spanish.

Class schedule
We will meet Mon, Wed & Fri from 10am to 11:30am. 
Duration- 5 weeks, 22 hours total. 
First day of class-August 8th, 2022
Last day of class-September 9th, 2022

Learning methods and class materials

  • Step1.-Each class you will learn sentence structure and practice short dialogues.
  • Step 2.- You will listen to your homework online to practice between classes. In the audio recordings you will hear and practice out loud the same vocabulary words and phrases used in each class.

This method is based on the repetition of words and the purpose is to create the habit of speaking and listening to Spanish consistently. You will recycle the same words and repeat the same or similar phrases and sentences during each class activity. Once you sign up you will use our online platform with audio exercises, worksheets and downloadable cheat sheets included and presented in the Foundation course curriculum. No books are required. 

Class content
Vocabulary has been an issue for new students we interview since words presented in some popular language apps are usually from other Spanish speaking countries and locals don’t entirely recognize some of them. In this course you will learn words, verbs, sentence structure and phrases as used and heard in Mexico, and the local area.

Who is this class for?
For beginners just starting out with Spanish or basic students who want to solidify basic sentence structure and pronunciation.

Click here to view our location in Cabo San Lucas.

Price: $6,380 $5,900 MXN pesos per student (learning materials included)

Guided Conversation Class
How to join this class-click here

Basic conversation for students who completed The Foundation Course and for intermediate students ready to practice the spoken word with guided instruction. We’ll interview you first to find out if this class is a good fit for you or if we should design a plan before jumping into the conversation group.

This class is held online, via Zoom., but we occasionally organize some sessions in person as well. Below is the schedule for classes held at our school in Cabo this month (August 2022)
Fridays at 12pm, on Zoom (45 minutes) 
Saturdays at 10am, in person at our Cabo location (1 hour)
Tuesdays at 1pm, in person at our Cabo location (1 hour)

You can attend our class on Zoom or the one at school, or both. Click here to view our location in Cabo San Lucas.

This class is suitable for…

  • Advanced beginners who have completed The Foundation Course or are towards the end of completion.
  • Intermediate students ready to practice the spoken word and get better at speaking with guided instruction.
  • Students who are currently taking a break from their group class but want to occasionally join a conversation class during their break.
  • Students who want to continue to practice online in the summer or when they are not in Mexico.

This class is NOT suitable for…

  • Students just starting out with Spanish, meaning you never had any contanct with Spanish before. Instead we suggest you take our Foundation Course first. 
  • Students who don’t want to put in the time needed to practice consistently. 

Keep me posted on new classes.

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