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Cabo San Lucas – San José del Cabo 

Common problem situations we hear from students...

If you struggle with any of this, our teaching method has been designed specifically for you!

Our proven methods will help you;

Beginners-Level 1 Foundation Course

Held online or at school in Cabo San Lucas or San José.

Join a Group

Learn, practice and enjoy an interactive learming experience with a group of students with similar level as you and similar learning style.
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One-on-one & Semi-private lessons

Held online, at school or in the comfort of your home or business.

Design your own schedule

Ideal for small groups of two or three students who prefer to have class at specific dates and hours.
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Intermediate & advanced conversation

Practice the spoken word.

Conversation and pronunciation

Ideal for advanced beginners and intermediate students ready to practice the spoken word and get better at speaking in Spanish.
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La magia de la pronunciación
The magic and power of pronunciation

La magia de la pronunciación

What makes this Spanish school different?

Our integrated pronunciation-based learning system consists of in-person activities at the classroom (or Zoom) plus extra practice through assigned audio exercises accessed within our Virtual Classroom. From beginner to advanced, all of our classes are presented in a precise sequence to help you develop pronunciation skills, sound more natural in Spanish and create the habit of speaking in full sentences.

Learn common phrases used in the local area Baja

Words and phrases used in the local area

Learn the language the way it is used and heard in Mexico and Baja. In every lesson we use local examples and words the locals use and understand.

Learn how to pronounce words in Spanish

The power of pronunciation

Mastering pronunciation is the key to learning Spanish and becoming fluent. You will learn how to pronounce new words as you use them in phrases and dialogues.

The Virtual Classroom is an extension of our physical classroom and you will use it to review and prepare for the in-class activities. You practice in class with your instructor and other class members. Then you get extra practice at your own time over the weekends and in between classes with the following learning tools:

Audio exercises

Practice made easy and convenient. Listen to your homework anywhere, anytime to reinforce your learning.

Verb drills

You’ll learn an easy method to start building sentences and master their pronunciation when used in phrases.

Learning materials created by language professionals

Worksheets, printed lessons and dialogues with audio. All the audio clips are recorded with authentic voices and professional microphones.​

Quizzes and sentences with audio

Online quizzes

In order to keep the thread of learning going there’s a corresponding online audio-based quiz for each Unit. Each quiz is carefully designed to stimulate your learning and comprehension skills in Spanish. This is a fun way to practice at home and test yourself between classes.

What's the first step?

The first step is to schedule a free interview with us so we can learn more about your language background and learning objectives. This first session is also useful to find out if this is the right method and class for you. If you like what you hear then you are assigned to a group of students with the same level as you and with a similar learning style. Or we can also discuss the possibility for private lessons if that’s a better fit for you. 

Toani Membership

Learn to speak naturally and become fluent in Spanish. Pronunciation & Conversation Program

Spanish for baja residents

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