Level 2 Present tense

Duration: 16 hours of class (2 months).

Class frequency: 2 classes per week, 1 hour per class.. 

Location: This class is available in person at school in San José del Cabo or Cabo San Lucas. You can also join this group class remotely via Zoom.

Price: $2,800 MXN pesos a month per student.

Prerequisite: Level 1 Foundation Course or schedule a free 30-minute interview to find the right level/class for you.

Course content

In this course, you solidify your pronunciation and the use of sentence structure and basic rules learned in Level 1 Foundation Course. By the end of this course you will have learned…

  • …how to apply our pronunciation technique in present tense conjugations.
  • …how to improve your conversations in Spanish by integrating present tense with phrases and sentence structure learned in Level 1.
  • …how to talk about everyday activities and habits.
  • …how to ask questions about people’s routines and interests.  
  • …how to describe people using new vocabulary words introduced in the course.

Grammar and vocabulary
We like to avoid grammar terms as much as possible, and focus on learning the useful parts of the language like common phrases and expressions. However, in order to progress into more advanced Spanish, you must learn what to call the different words you’re learning. In this course you will cover…

  • …present tense conjugation.
  • …new vocabulary words like adjectives.
  • …new words related to common interests and activities as used and heard in the local area and Mexico.
  • …the use of Ser and Estar.
  • …introduction to present progressive (verbs ending –ing).

 You will subscribe to our Toani Membership in order to access all necessary learning materials directly from our website. The cost for this membership is already included in the monthly fee of $2,800 pesos. You will use our online platform to access audio exercises, worksheets and downloadable cheat sheets each week to study and practice between classes.

Who is this class for?
This course is for students who already completed
Level 1 Foundation Course, and for students who were assigned in Level 2 after the initial assessment interview with one of our teachers. The average number of students per class is between 5 and 8. We try to keep the groups small to preserve the quality of your learning experience.

Payment details
We take cash and online payments with card or Pay Pal. Course tuition must be paid each month in advance to reserve a spot in the group. Find a class schedule that works best for you in the calendar below and save a seat in class.

Level 2: upcoming courses and registration 2024 - 2025

To register, find the class schedule that works best for you then sign up. You will get instant access to the corresponding learning materials for pre-course study.

Dates Location Registration
Jul 22 - Sept 11 Cabo San Lucas Check out schedule and register
January - May of 2025
Jan 6 - Mar 26 Cabo San Lucas Check out schedule and register

Terms and conditions
Group classes can go from 5 to 8 students maximum. To secure a spot in the group, the initial month’s fee must be paid in advance. If you cancel 30 days before the course start, you will receive a 90% refund of your tuition. Cancellations made at least 15 days before the first day of class will result in a 50% refund. Changes cannot be made within 15 days before the course begins, and no-shows are not eligible for refunds.Subsequent monthly payments are due seven days before the start of the following month. In the event of withdrawal, a minimum of 10 days’ notice before the new month is essential; failure to do so will result in the full monthly tuition being charged for the succeeding month. Any cancellations without prior notice will incur the full monthly tuition for the next immediate month. Missed classes, whether in-person or via Zoom, cannot be carried over for credit in future months. If you decide to discontinue classes, you can retain your Toani Membership to review lessons and complete quizzes at home.

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