Course Description

You are first interviewed so that we learn more about your language background and learning goals. If you like our method, then you are assigned to a group of students with the same level as you and with a similar learning style. If you´re a beginner, the Foundation Course is your starting point. This course is also suitable for students with a basic knowledge who want to solidify their pronunciation or basic grammar.

Group class frequency is twice a week. The average number of students per class is between 5 and 8. We try to keep the groups size small to preserve the quality of your learning experience. We take cash, bank card payments or PayPal transactions. Tuition includes the weekly classes, and access to the corresponding online material in our Virtual Classroom. 

You can also start your own semi-private class and design a custom class schedule. Schedule for semi-private lessons is not available for the public to join. Read more about semi-private lessons here

The Foundation Course

We strongly believe in the power of pronunciation when learning a new language. Therefore, from lesson 1 you begin to learn how to correctly produce sounds in Spanish and speak naturally. A big part of the course is loaded with pronunciation tips applied throughout the different activities. Class is held twice a week for 1.5 hours. The monthly tuition is $2,400.00 Mexican pesos if class is 1.5 hrs or $1,650.00 Mexican pesos if class is one hour per session. There is a $600 pesos one-time-fee to access the corresponding course materials online (pronunciation exercises, worksheets and quizzes). At the end of the course you will have attained the following:

  • How to use our pronunciation technique (blending, linking and merging) to effectively put the words/phrases learned in class into action.
  • How to start and finish conversations with basic everyday expressions.
  • How to ask specific questions in a restaurant and how to accept or decline what you´re being offered.
  • How to build sentences on your own, using 40 commonly used verbs.
  • How to ask for things around you and formulate questions.
  • How to express future actions in Spanish.
  • Introduction to present tense conjugation.

Grammar details
Vocabulary has been an issue for new students we interview since words presented in some popular language apps are usually from other Spanish speaking countries and locals don´t entirely recognize them. You will learn words, verbs, sentence structure and phrases as used and heard in Mexico, and the local area.

Virtual Classroom
You are not required to buy any book at all. We like to design our own lessons and record our own audio exercises with authentic voices and professional microphones. Worksheets and printed exercises with lessons will be provided. Also, you will have access to our Virtual Classroom for extra practice. Most of our lessons, examples used in class and quizzes come with a corresponding online audio so you can continue to practice with the spoken words. Quizzes are to be completed per unit as we advance in class.

Payment details
To make a payment we´ll send you an invoice to your email with an option to pay with card or PayPal. Or you can also pay cash at school. 

To get started schedule a free interview so we can put you in a group or answer further questions you may have.

Intermediate and advanced 

We normally have solid intermediate and advanced groups that you can join in both Cabo and San Jose. Classes are held twice a week for either one or one hour and a half per session. All class members are assigned with other students with a similar level as you and also a similar learning style. We often set goals and design a plan based on the group members´ experience with Spanish.

If you completed the Foundation Course, you will likely be in one of these groups to continue to grow. If you are an external student and ere already advanced, we will meet you for an interview first. We´ll ask you a few questions and will answer yours so we can come up with a plan and decide which group is the right one for you.  

Grammar details
Below is a list of topics we’ve taught our students over the years. 

  • Pronunciation (blending, linking, merging) applied to the verb conjugations.
  • When to use or omit articles (el, la, los, las, un, una, unos, unas) in Spanish.
  • Por & Para.
  • Ser & Estar.
  • The use of past tenses in conversations.
    • “I spoke” — Preterite.
    • “I used to speak” — Imperfect.
    • ¨I have spoken¨, etc) — Present perfect.
  • Reflexive verbs.
  • The use of pronouns (direct and indirect).
  • Hace to mean “ago”.
  • También & Tampoco.
  • Use of the Impersonal “se”.
  • “Still”, “Already” & “Not yet”.
  • Gustar and verbs with similar use.
  • Adverbs and comparisons.
  • Subjunctive.
  • The conditional tense.

Schedule and payment details
Twice a week for 1 hour each class. — $1,650.00 Mexican pesos
Twice a week for 1.5 hours each class. — $2, 400.00 Mexican pesos
To make a payment we´ll send you an invoice to your email with an option to pay with card or PayPal. Or you can also pay cash at school.

To get started schedule a free interview so we can put you in a group or answer any further questions you may have. 

Conversation and speaking training

If you´re ready to practice your Spanish conversation classes are held online and at school in Cabo & San José. At this point of your learning process, we want you to continue to grow your vocabulary but also we want you to be able to speak confidently. You will have the opportunity to use words, verbs, past tense conjugations and other aspects of the language along with pronunciation. We will discretely correct you and kindly suggest ways to improve you pronunciation and sentence structure. We will coach you!

Classes are 45 minutes long which members of our school and external students attend to chat in Spanish. Each class is different with students from different groups. There is no sequence of lessons or homework between classes. We, as teachers, mediate the conversation and help if necessary with words or phrases to get the conversation going. 

Who is this class for…
This class was designed with oral practice and pronunciation in mind, which means students are expected to manage a certain level of vocabulary. But, it´s important to clarify that conversation goes both ways- speaking and understanding the words as you hear them, so feel free to join the conversation even if you decide to participate as a listener. We won’t force you to speak in front of others until you feel comfortable and confident. So, who can join this class?

  • Intermediate and advanced students. 
  • Beginner students who join to participate as listeners.
  • External students who want to practice and get better at speaking with guided instruction.
  • Students currently taking a break from their group class but want to occasionally join a class during their break.
  • Students who want to continue to practice online in the summer or when they are not in Mexico. 

We encourage beginners to sit in and listen, as long as they’re currently enrolled in The Foundation Course. If you´re not too sure about your level of Spanish and don’t feel confident, we suggest you take a few private lessons first so we can help you and guide you through before you jump in the conversations. 

Location and schedule  
Classes are held at both of our schools in Cabo and San José and online via videoconference call (Zoom). We organize one class every week (one at school and another one online), but we add extra sessions in the month if the classes get full. This means there are usually 4 sessions at school and 4 online. 
January 25th 2021 Update: Due to the COVID19 pandemic and local Government guidelines, school classes must be held online only.
Current schedule is every Saturday at 11 am Cabo time (Mountain time), via Zoom. 

Enrollment and payment details
You must join our Toani Membership Program which gives you access to all our converastion clsses offered each month. The monthly subscription fee is $550 pesos to attend classes at school, online or both. You can cancel your membership at any time.

To get started, click here to join our Toani Program or click here to learn more about it

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