Course Description

You are first interviewed so that we learn more about your language background and learning goals. Then you are assigned to a group of students with the same level as you and with a similar learning style. 

Class frequency is twice a week for 1.5 hours. The average number of students per class is between 4 and 6. We try to keep the groups size small to preserve the quality of your learning experience. The monthly payment is $120.00 usd ($2,160 MXN pesos), which includes to the weekly classes (two 1.5-hour sessions), and gives you access to online quizzes in the Virtual Classroom. Quizzes are to be completed per unit as we advance in class. The monthly payment is due on the first day of each month and can be made online or at school, using your credit card or cash. Tuition is charged in Mexican pesos, calculated at the current exchange rate.

Based on your group needs and teacher's availability, you can start your own semi-private class and design a different class schedule i.e. "meet twice a week for 2 hours instead of 1.5 hours, or meet three times a week instead of two". Schedule will not be available for the public to join. Read more about semi-private lessons here.

Below is a general course description:

Spanish Verbs Foundation Course

This is the beginner's course for students with a basic knowledge or no background of Spanish at all. 

  • Sounds and pronunciation of Spanish
  • Basic everyday expressions
  • 100 commonly used verbs 
  • Express future actions using the "going to" form in Spanish (this is the easiest and the most common way to express future actions that you'll be exposed to in Mexico..."I'm going to buy groceries tomorrow")
  • Express future actions using the "going to" form
  • How to ask for things around you and formulate questions
  • Introduction to the conjugations in the present and past tenses

Check class schedule and register --> Cabo San Lucas or San José -- Self-paced online video course (Coming up!) 

Intermediate & Advanced classes

As an intermediate or advanced student you have the possibility to join one of the ongoing classes if they fit your learning needs. Again, we interview you before any action to define a plan for you. There's pronunciation lessons we teach throughout all different levels (intermediate and advanced), as we believe this is the key to communicating in Spanish.

Below is a list of grammar concepts that serves as a guide or starting point to help you decide what you want or need to learn.   

  • More pronunciation practice (link the words or blend sounds to become more fluent in Spanish...)
  • The preterite ("I spoke") and present perfect tense ("I have spoken")
  • Reflexive verbs, what are they used for and how they work
  • Verbs ending "-ing"  ("I am speaking")
  • Por & Para (In Spanish Verbs Foundation Course we cover a few uses of each one)
  • Common problematic verbs in Spanish 

Check class schedule and register --> San Lucas or San José

This course helps you make significant progress and go one step further with your journey of Spanish. Breakdown of object pronuns.

  • Direct and Indirect objects pronouns
  • Talk about actions in the past using "Hace" to mean "ago"
  • También & Tampoco
  • Use of the Impersonal "se"
  • "Still", "Already" & "Not yet"
  • The preterite vs the imperfect tense ("I spoke" vs "I used to speak") 

Check class schedule and register --> San Lucas or San José

How to better use past tenses in narration. Introduction to the present subjunctive form to formulate conditional thoughts: "If I were rich, I would travel around the world".

  • Preterite vs The imperfect
  • More uses of the present perfect 
  • The future tense
  • Gustar and verbs like gustar
  • Adverbs and comparisons
  • The conditional tense

Check class schedule and register --> San Lucas or San José