Level 1 Foundation Course

Duration: 24 hours of class (3 months).

Class frequency: 2 classes per week, 1 hour per class. 

Location: This class is available in person at school in San José del Cabo or Cabo San Lucas. You can also join this group class remotely via Zoom.

Price: $2,800 MXN pesos a month per student, unless you join the semi-immersion version of this class, then you would make a one-time-payment for the entire course.

Prerequisite: none.

Course content

We strongly believe in the power of pronunciation when learning a new language. Practicing pronunciation early on can help you develop good habits and avoid developing bad ones.Therefore, from lesson 1 you begin to learn how to speak and sound natural in Spanish. In this course you will learn:

  • …how to use our pronunciation technique (blending, linking and merging) to effectively use words and phrases when you need them.
  • …how to start and finish conversations with basic everyday expressions.
  • …how to ask specific questions in a restaurant and how to accept or decline what you’re being offered.
  • …how to build sentences on your own, using about 50 commonly used verbs.
  • …how to ask for things around you and formulate questions.
  • …how to express future actions in Spanish.
  • …introduction to present tense conjugation.

Learning methods and class materials

  • Step1.-Each class you will practice very short, guided conversations with your instructor and/or classmates. You will be suggested ways to improve your pronunciation and the use of sentence structure.
  • Step 2.- You will listen to your homework online to practice between classes. In the audio recordings you will hear and practice out loud the same vocabulary words and phrases used in the conversations.
  • Step 3.-Attend your next class and practice again with your instructor and/or classmates. 

This method is based on the repetition of words and the purpose is to create the habit of speaking and listening to Spanish consistently. You will recycle the same words and repeat the same or similar phrases and sentences during each class activity. Once you sign up and throughout the duration of the course you will use our online platform with audio exercises, worksheets and downloadable cheat sheets. 1 year access to corresponding learning materials for Level 1 is $600MXN pesos (one time fee). 

Vocabulary has been an issue for new students we interview since words presented in some popular language apps are usually from other Spanish speaking countries and locals don’t entirely recognize some of them. In this course you will learn words, verbs, sentence structure and phrases as used and heard in Mexico, and the local area.

Who is this class for?
This course is suitable for beginners, and for advanced beginners who want to solidify the basics of pronunciation and sentence structure. The average number of students per class is between 5 and 8. We try to keep the groups small to preserve the quality of your learning experience.

Payment details
We take cash and online payments with card or Pay Pal. Course tuition must be paid in advance to reserve a spot in the group. Find a class schedule that works best for you in the calendar below and save a seat in class.

Level 1: upcoming courses and registration for Fall 2023 - Winter 2024

To register, find the class schedule that works best for you then sign up. You will get instant access to the corresponding learning materials for pre-course study. 

Dates Location Class Schedule and Registration
Aug 8-Sep 2 Cabo San Lucas Check out schedule and register
Oct 3 - Oct 28 Cabo San Lucas Check out schedule and register
Nov 7 - Dec 2 Cabo San Lucas Check out schedule and register
Oct 2-Oct 27 San José del Cabo Chech out schedule and register
Nov 6-Feb 7 San José del Cabo Check out schedule and register

Terms and conditions
Course tuition must be paid in advance to reserve a spot in the group. You can pay on the first day of class of the course, assuming there are available spots to join. Payment is not reimbursable. You may cancel 30 days before the course begins and request the equivalent of 90% of your course tuition, excluding the $600MXN access fee to our learning platform. You can make changes at least 15 days before the course begins and switch to a future course date, provided that there are available seats to join a course that’s the same level as the one you were assigned and that is held within a period of six months of your original course date. Changes cannot be made 15 days before the first day of class and/or once the course has started. No-shows are not reimbursable.

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