Americans living in Mexico

This video is part of a documentary series by Canal Once in Mexico. It´s called ¨Los que llegaron…¨ (The ones who arrived…) It´s about people from different parts of the world who settle in Mexico for living. The video below is about ¨estadounidenses¨, Americans, living in mainland.

How different is the way people interviewed in the video live and see life in Mexico, compared to life in Baja? Share your opinion in the comments below. 

Key words or facts to understand the video: 

Estadounidenses is the Spanish word to refer to the nationality of people from the United States. However, americanos, or Americans is commonly used interchangeably among Mexicans.  

Porfirio Díaz- Served seven terms as President of Mexico; a total of three and a half decades from 1876 to 1911. A veteran of the Reform War and the French intervention in Mexico, Díaz rose to the rank of General, leading republican troops against the French-imposed Emperor Maximilian. Seizing power in a coup in 1876, Díaz and his allies ruled Mexico for the next thirty-five years, a period known as the Porfiriato.

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